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Welcome to The
Age Defying Cleanse Program!

I am super thrilled to have you join us! You’ve taken an incredible decision towards a new, healthier you. I will be here to support you every step of the way, and sending emails with extra goodies to help keep you on track.


Are you ready?

1. Download your materials with icons below. You will find your:
  • Program Guide

  • 5 Handouts

  • Suggested Meal Plan

  • Shopping Lists 

  • Recipe Guide

Click Icons To Download the Materials

Choose Word or PDF

2. Start by reading your Program Guide and 5 Handouts

It’s a lot of information, but don’t get overwhelmed. We will only focus on those during Phase One – the Prep Phase. Highlight things you wish to remember and try.

3. Follow me on Facebook, for extra support and tips. It is also an easy way to reach out if you have any questions. 
    4. Please Note:

This is your program, so don’t stress. It is set up for 4 days in Phase 1, and then 7 days each for Phase 2 & 3. However, you can stay in each phase as long or short as you wish. You can follow my emails at your own pace, they will be numbered for convenience. The important thing to remember is that you will be learning many beneficial tips towards living a healthier, youthful life, so use them everywhere you can and enjoy living life to the fullest! ;o)

To your thriving age defying journey,

Sheri Steffens

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