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Kate Deering

Health Practitioner

Collagen is the only protein I recommend due to its amino acid composition. Easy to digest and being high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline, makes Collagen the perfect healing protein. 

Max Affarano

Police & Fire US National  Champion & World medalist

The Bovine Collagen Powder has significantly accelerated my recovery between workouts. It has lessened my joint aches and I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory's. 

Ruth Baily

82 year old

I mix both Marine & Bovine Collagen together and take at least 4 tablespoons daily. I am very active and still able to take care of my 10 acre property. No one can believe I am 82 years old, I tell them all "It's the Collagen!"

Sheri Steffens
Wellness Consultant

I started taking Collagen in my 40's, after I'd torn my rotator cuff (shoulder) multiple times. Within 2 months it was much better WITHOUT ANY SURGERY. Years later I am still taking Collagen daily to keep me looking & feeling younger in my 50’s.

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