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Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract

Has 4 basic properties:

     -acts as a potent blend of antioxidants

   -is a natural anti-inflammatory

   -stimulates generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid

   -helps with natural dilation of blood vessels by supporting production of nitric oxide

 and works synergistically for multiple anti-aging benefits

  • Pycnogenol® helps maintain healthy circulation by supporting relaxation of arteries, consequently improving blood flow and blood pressure, and relieving burden to the heart,

  • Pycnogenol® defends the skin against the free radicals produced by UV rays, stress, and environmental damage, nourishing the skin from the inside out,

  • Pycnogenol® helps maintain healthy joint mobility and flexibility, and its anti-inflammatory activity helps relieving the ache,

  • Pycnogenol® strengthens retinal capillaries and helps maintaining healthy eyesight,

  • ...and more

Pycnogenol®  for a beautiful skin

Pycnogenol® binds and protects collagen and elastin

Pycnogenol® protects elastic tissue proteins and stimulates genesis of new collagen and hyaluronic acid in human skin

Pycnogenol® has a high affinity to the amino acid  hydroxy-proline, which is present exclusively  in matrix  proteins collagen and elastin.

In consequence, Pycnogenol® (and also its metabolites) protects these proteins from free radical damage and  enzymatic degradation.

Recent research identified enhanced collagen synthesis with Pycnogenol® in skin of human volunteers.

Pycnogenol® further increased synthesis of hyaluronic acid in women‘s skin, corresponding with better skin elasticity and water retention.

Pycnogenol® enhances blood micro-circulation in the skin

Pycnogenol® enhances generation of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) which is the key mediator facilitating arterial relaxation and consequently allows for optimal blood flow. Taken orally, Pycnogenol® was found to increase blood perfusion of the skin and oxygen partial pressure increased and, conversely, carbon dioxide concentration decreased. This study demonstrated an improved healing of wounds (ulcers) in individuals with micro-circulatory disorders.

An improved blood perfusion of the skin warrants optimal supply with all important nutrients as well as better hydration to support skin vitality.

Wrinkles Pycnogenol® binds with skin proteins collagen and elastin, and protects skin from various harmful enzymes helping to rebuild elasticity, essential for a smooth, younger look.
Hyper-Pigmentation & brown spots  Pycnogenol® helps promote the «glow» and reduce over-pigmentation for a more even complexion (brown spots).
Suncare Sunburn is an inflammation caused by free radical induced tissue damage. By neutralizing these free radicals, Pycnogenol® helps protect skin from the stress and damage of sunburn and photo-aging.
Scar Formation

Several clinical studies have shown that Pycnogenol® protects the collagen matrix and increases skin stability during healing.

Pycnogenol®  for joint support


More mobility, more flexibility, less pain, less drug.

In various studies, Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract demonstrated its ability to promote joint mobility and flexibility and naturally relieve the aching. It was also shown that after supplementing with Pycnogenol®, joints were more flexible and less medication was required. In addition Pycnogenol® has been found to lower inflammatory markers of joint soreness.

How Pycnogenol® potently inhibits inflammation in arthritis and lowers inflammatory markers in osteoarthritis?

Consumption of Pycnogenol® was shown to limit the activation of the pro-inflammatory «master switch» NF-kB by 15.8%. This «master switch» commands the mobilization of all proinflammatory molecules, which play a destructive role in arthritis.

As a consequence, Pycnogenol® consumers generate less matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes, which are responsible for degenerating cartilage collagen in osteoarthritis. In addition, the consumption of Pycnogenol® was found to naturally inhibit generation of COX-2 enzymes during inflammation in humans, thus providing a significant contribution for lowering joint pain.


Pycnogenol® lowers inflammatory markers CRP in osteoarthritis

Pycnogenol® was also demonstrated to significantly lower the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP) by 72% and reactive oxygen species (ROS) by 30%.

This finding suggests that the anti-inflammatory activity of Pycnogenol® is effective in individuals suffering from arthritic joints.

Pycnogenol® for sports

Why staying healthy and active is key?

  • According to World Health Organization (WHO), physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality

  • Regular physical activity helps to maintain a healthy body

  • Both moderate and vigorous intensity physical activities bring health benefits

Data source : 10 Facts on Physical Activity – November 2010 – WHO

Physical exercise goes along with a dramatically increased oxidation of nutrients to meet the shooting up energy demand. Numerous physiological systems and many biochemical interactions are taking place during exercise. Yet, the most significant and performance limiting interplay is taking place between the cardio-respiratory system and skeletal muscle. This is obvious already from the typical 10- to 20-fold increase in inhaled oxygen over rest.

Why Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract may play an important role with physical activity?

Physical exercise is important to overall health and at the same time increases our body’s need for oxygen. Research indicates Pycnogenol® may play an important role with physical activity because it was shown to aid the body in producing nitric oxide (NO), thus enhancing blood microcirculation and improving blood flow to the muscles. This helps the body achieve peak muscle performance and speeds recovery after exercise, which may result in reduction of muscular aches in both athletes and healthy individuals.

How Pycnogenol® helps relax blood vessels and improves blood flow?

Pycnogenol® stimulates the enzyme “endothelial nitric oxide synthase” (eNOS) for enhanced generation of NO from the precursor molecule L-arginine.

How does Pycnogenol® act as a energy enhancer?

The link between Pycnogenol® and sports endurance was first studied several years ago at California State University. Recreational athletes showed an increase of athlete endurance while supplementing with Pycnogenol® as compared to endurance recorded from participants taking the placebo.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study design, recreational athletes were supplemented with either Pycnogenol® or placebo for 30 days and were then crossed over to the other group for an additional 30 days.  The athletes performed under controlled conditions on a treadmill with individual settings adjusted to 85% of a person’s maximum oxygen consumption to prevent too rapid exhaustion and reduce anaerobic metabolism. Results of the study showed a statistically significant increase of athlete endurance while taking Pycnogenol® as compared to endurance recorded from participants taking the placebo.


Pycnogenol® aids in muscle recovery and alleviates cramping

An increase in physical activity can lend itself to sore muscles and fatigue which can take several days to subside.

Pycnogenol® was shown to significantly reduce muscular pain and cramps in athletes and healthy, normal individuals. Poor circulation in the muscle is known to cause cramps and the antioxidant improved the cramping in patients due to a stimulation of blood flow to their muscle tissue.

The findings indicate that Pycnogenol® can play an important role in sports by improving blood flow to the muscles and hastening post-exercise recovery.  This is great news to the millions of athletes worldwide and extremely significant for all individuals interested in muscle cramp and pain relief with a natural approach.


Pycnogenol® enhances blood microcirculation for better blood flow and oxygenation of muscle

Two clinical studies have shown that Pycnogenol® causes vasodilatation and consequently improves blood micro-circulation. An increased presence of oxygen and decreased carbon dioxide after consumption of Pycnogenol® was shown. Pycnogenol® contributes to better blood flow and oxygenation of muscle.

Pycnogenol® is a unique natural health ingredient

Unique Source

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract is extracted from the bark of mono-species pine trees grown exclusively in Les Landes de Gascogne forest in southwest France. The forest is unspoiled and natural, with no pesticides, no herbicides. The premium quality of Pycnogenol® components comes from the fact the bark is not subject to seasonal variations, unlike other plants, which makes it an ideal botanical source. Pycnogenol® is based on unique and proprietary extraction technology, and complies with the highest quality standards. The manufacturing plant is GMP(1) compliant, and the production process does not include any toxic solvent.

Unique Composition

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract is a naturally programmed combination with constant proportions of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, which offer amazing natural properties. Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract's unique blend of active compounds has four basic properties – it’s a powerful antioxidant, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, helps generate collagen and hyaluronic acid, and aids in the production of endothelial nitric oxide which helps to dilate blood vessels.

Unique Science

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract is scientific evidences based and proprietary extract, which is protected by several U.S. and international patents. The ingredient is Kosher certified, Halal and "self-affirmed" GRAS(2) for applications in functional foods and beverages. To know more about the science of Pycnogenol® go to: https://www.pycnogenol.com/science/overview/

Info above taken from our supplier /References: https://www.pycnogenol.com/applications/properties/

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