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About Us



Sheri Steffens

Certified Wellness, Nutrition &

Weight Management Consultant

Research Specialist

CPT & NPTI Graduate

Personal story below...

   I've studied Wellness & Nutrition since 2001, being diagnosed with Diabetes and Endometriosis was enough to deal with but I kept tearing my rotator cuff muscles. Constant prescriptions for anti-inflammatorys caused leaky gut and severe food sensitivities.  I was miserable and determined in finding solutions to feeling better.


   Collagen has been my personal MIRACLE POWDER and the reason this business was started. It helped heal my shoulders without surgery, my gut and so much more. I have energy again, better mood, and even back to my goal weight. I am in my 40's and most people can't believe it. 


  Now I hope to pass on my years of research to help others while continuing to create only the highest QUALITY of TRUSTWORTHY products.


  Each of our products take months of research and development - locating the best sources & companies so we can be confident of where our ingredients come from and the quality.


  I hope you will join us on our journey as we continue to add products to our line.


  And as always, we love hearing your success stories and welcome you to subscribe here and on our Facebook page.  


 To better health for us all.

Sincerely,   Sheri Steffens

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