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Improve Skin Hair & Nails Naturally

Try our Marine Collagen Powder to quickly reduce aging.

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Adriana Amon, SD 

"After only 3 months I noticed how I stopped losing my hair. It is growing healthy and abundant at a mature age. I recommend these products to all my family and friends."

Jennifer Green, NC 

"The lines in my face are shrinking and overall my skin looks so much better. Another great thing is the arthritis in my hand has gone - No pain now. My nails are stronger than ever. This Collagen in an AMAZING PRODUCT - I am so glad I started using it six weeks ago!"

Collagen Healthy Life Creations Customers
As we AGE, we need more Collagen.
Epidermis Collagen

By ingesting our high quality pure Collagen, you can heal the body from within, reverse aging, fill the gaps of Collagen depletion due to aging.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Found in your Skin, Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Gut and more. It's the glue holding your body together, providing strength, structure & elasticity. 

As we age, our Collagen production SLOWS causing Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Weakening Bones and Joints, Digestive issues and other signs of aging. 

85 year old Ruth Bailey, NY

"I've been using this collagen for years and I feel great! I am very active taking care of my 5 acre property and have no aches or pains. Everyone is shocked when they find out my real age!

I am confidant with this brand knowing it's high quality, wild caught and not processed in a toxic China fish farm, like so many other brands."

Why Marine Collagen?

There are different types of collagen throughout the body, however Type 1 Collagen is the most abundant and the skin is about 90% Type 1.

Marine Collagen contains the smallest Type 1 Collagen molecule over all other collagens.

Therefore the quickest natural way to reduce aging and improve skin, hair, nails and more.


​*Studies show consuming 2 Tbsps daily can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve hair growth, strengthen nails, reduce joint pain and increase bone density.  

Benefits of Collagen

Dottie C. 

"After using your Marine Collagen. My son, who I hadn't seen in 2 months told me my skin looked really good--the first of many comments about my skin. The real kicker was when a woman at the salon asked me if I had a FACELIFT! I was stunned. It's, without a doubt your collagen!! Thank you Healthy Life Creations!!! My nails, hair, skin, digestion have all improved. And I just ordered your collagen moisturizer to add to my regimen."

Kim D 

"I've seen great improvement with my thinning hair and a bump near the palm of my hand. I must say I did not expect the results I experienced. My hair has begun to fill in and it is more dense. The bump has gone away and my joints appear to be more flexible. I am so glad that I have found this product. I have introduced this collagen to my two daughters who have gotten similar positive results. Thanks for such a great product."

Quick Natural Results

To start looking & feeling younger. Simply Mix our Pure Collagen powder into morning Coffee, Smoothies, Juices, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Cereal Milk, Soups & Sauces.

*Most see results within 3 weeks.


Real People - Real Results

Monica, Carlsbad CA

"This Collagen powder made my hair, skin, nails, joints and everything else, look and feel even healthier. I have since colored my hair and it still looks healthy. This Collagen really makes a positive difference."

Karen Baca RDH, CNC, PT

"My friends kept asking what I was doing, now they all use this Marine collagen and have the same great results!

I also fractured my ankle and within 3 months all healed! 

As a trainer/athlete I find faster recovery times, less pain and my clients agree!"

Agnes, San Diego CA

I’ve been using Collagen for more than a year now and it helps a lot with my skin. I don’t have dark spots or wrinkles. My husband uses it to relieve pain in his joints and ankle, and it works."

Why choose our Brand?

High Quality Pharmaceutical grade with only 1 Natural Ingredient.

  • Free of Antibiotics

  • Free of Hormones

  • No Sulfates

  • No Additives

  • No Preservatives

  • Lab Verified

  • Neutral Taste & Odor

  • High Digestibility

  • Dissolves in Hot or Cold

  • Non-Gelling

  • Non-GMO

  • Third party tested

  • Gluten Free

  • Fat Free 

  • Cholesterol Free

  • Soy Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Sugar Free


   Our Marine Collagen Peptides Powders are hydrolyzed fish collagen manufactured from the skins of WILD CAUGHT, deep sea, ocean fish such as cod, haddock and pollock from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Wild fish that have not been exposed to antibiotics or hormones as possible with farm raised fish. In addition, only the skins of Kosher & Halah Certified fish are used and manufactured in a facility dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of marine products. At this facility the skins from the wild deep-sea fish are collected from food fish processors to provide quality raw material. It EXCEEDS the PURITY REQUIREMENTS of the United States, European and Japanese PHARMACOPOEIAS for Collagen.


Processed in a CERTIFIED FOOD SAFETY FACILITY. Prior to any extraction, the skins/hides receive a lengthy wash with copious amounts of water. This step cleans the collagen and reduces the allergens to undetectable levels. It is only then the collagen is ready to be hydrolyzed with the food grade acid and then further hydrolyzed with a food grade enzyme to break down the collagen molecular weight. When collagen is hydrolyzed the protein molecules are broken into smaller molecules. Making it much easier to digest and be absorbed by the body faster and easier than a non-hydrolyzed protein.

NO GENETICALLY MODIFIED materials are used in this process or in any of our collagens. After filtering, purification and concentration, the collagen is sterilized and spray dried to produce the powder that you receive. Each batch is also TESTED by an INDEPENDENT THIRD PARTY ACCREDITED LABORATORY, results displayed on the Certificate of Analysis.

So you can rest assured, knowing you are putting the best in your body. ;o)

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