Collagen Powder can help Repair & Support Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails...

Collagen makes up 30% of the living body's protein and 70% of our skin's protein. Our ability to produce collagen plateaus in our mid to late 20's - by age 30 we begin to lose 1-2% of our collagen every year - causing sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Consuming Collagen can replenish lost collagen, help reduce signs of aging, and restore skin's natural youth form within.

Studies recommend "loading' the body with a high concentration of collagen peptides to trigger a "wound repair response" in the body. This is where the brain senses excess collagen and routes it to areas of the dermis (hair follicles & nails) where there is damaged or broken down collagen. Once in the dermis the collagen peptides and amino acids re-activate the fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

Liquid collagen (drinking) is more readily absorbed through the intestinal wall compared to other delivery formats (pills, capsules, lotions).

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