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Are making smoothies taking up too much of your time?

Does preparing your smoothies daily take up too much time? If so, taking a few extra minutes on one day to prep for future days can definitely help. I use many different powders, seeds/nuts, so I alternate days with some superfoods (greens powder, wellness immunity powder, beet powder, flavored smoothie mixes...) and I use collagen powder, mushroom blend and bee pollen everyday.

To prep I put all my powders out on the table and scoop each separate days ingredients out into a small container (see pictures). I also found that opening all those separate powder bags took too much time, so I put most of my powders into mason type jar containers or glass tupperware for quicker access. I fill all the tiny single serving containers with each days worth of powders and then I go ahead and do this to my empty shaker bottles (so later I can just add water & shake when needed while at the gym, work, car or out on the go).

If you use the same powders everyday, then no need for all the tiny single containers, just toss all your powders together into one big mason type jar. Then you save time by just opening that one container each day. Example: measure out 15/20 servings of each daily powder into one large container and shake well.

If you use the blender or mixer to make your smoothies you can also use this idea for your produce. I do not use the blender daily, most days I just add water and ice to a shaker bottle (where my powders are already) and stir or shake. But I still keep single serving bags of different fruits, nuts, greens (spinach, kale, avocado, artichoke) in the freezer to grab quick for when I do have time for the blender.

I hope this article helps to get you thinking of quicker creative ways to consume your daily dose of fruits, veggies, collagen and superfoods. If you are considering adding some super healing organic superfood powders to your diet, please check out ours.









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