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Is your Collagen Powder safe and pure? Where is it coming from?

A lot of collagen powders are being sourced from countries that are not regulated or even inspected for food safety. They are processing bones and parts, lessening the quality and benefits. Or even worse, using the farm raised fish from these countries, raised in toxic waters contaminated with chemicals shown to be carcinogenic and prohibited by the U.S.

With higher demand and pricing, more collagen is being purchased from these lower quality and unregulated facilities. A manufacturer buys in bulk, getting a cheaper price, then turns around and sells it to businesses with their own personal private label on it.

Here at Healthy Life Creations, we pride ourselves in offering the purest high-quality collagen powders. Our Marine Collagen Peptides Powder is hydrolyzed fish collagen manufactured from the skins of wild, deep sea, ocean fish such as cod, haddock and pollock from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Wild fish that have not been exposed to antibiotics or hormones as possible with farm raised animals or fish. In addition, only the skins of kosher fish are used.

These same fish skins are manufactured in conditions which also meet the stringent standards of the Halal Food Council. Our certified marine collagen is manufactured in a facility dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of marine products. At this facility the skins from the wild deep-sea fish are collected from food fish processors to provide quality raw material.

Prior to any extraction, the skins receive a lengthy wash with copious amounts of water. This step cleans the collagen and reduces the allergens to undetectable levels. It is only then the collagen is ready to be hydrolyzed with the food grade acid and then further hydrolyzed with a food grade enzyme to break down the collagen molecular weight. When collagen is hydrolyzed the protein molecules are broken into smaller molecules. Making it much easier to digest and be absorbed by the body faster and easier than a non-hydrolyzed protein.

No genetically modified materials are used in this process or in any of our fish collagens. After filtering, purification and concentration, the collagen is sterilized and spray dried to produce the powder that you received. Each batch is also tested by an independent third-party accredited laboratory, results displayed on the Certificate of Analysis.

Our fish collagen is pure protein and is very water soluble with a neutral odor and taste. It does not contain any preservatives, fillers or additives. It can be used as a concentrated protein or additive. It exceeds the purity requirements of the United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias for Collagen.

*Our Bovine powders are also of the highest quality available, sourced from grass-fed pasture raised cattle in Brazil, free of rBST hormones. Derived solely form facilities inspected by the Brazilian Health Sanitary Authorities and with the Animal Welfare Program in place that is in accordance with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). No genetically modified materials are used in the hydrolyzation process, each batch is also third-party tested, Halal and Kosher Certified, shipped to us from our FDA registered manufacturer.

So you can rest assured, knowing you are putting the best in your body. ;o)


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