Micro-needling Derma Roller

To be used with facial serums - efficient for collagen stimulation and absorption of serums = anti-aging, rejuvenating, tightening of the skin, and shrinking of the pores.


Use with Serums, like our Collagen Peptide Serum - once or twice a week. 

1) Sterilize roller with rubbing alcohol.

2) Apply Serum to face & neck.

3) Use Roller on skin in 4 directions: 

-Side to side, up & down, diagonal both ways, 4-5 times each direction. 

4) Apply more serum or moisturizer and go to bed.

*Awake with fresh hydrated younger glowing skin.


For Best results use weekly for 3 months, with daily application of our Peptides Serum and Collagen Moisturizer.

*See TRIO SET and save on all 3.



Micro-needling Derma Facial Roller -0.75mm (Save $6)