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Jumpstart your day with 13-15 superfoods, easy to absorb vitamins and minerals all in one scoop.  Also a convenient way to add flavor and more healthy nutrients to your collagen powder.


A healthy body needs enough daily fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make it easy with these mixes; Containing a wide range of supplements, plant extracts, fruits, and vegetables. 

Add your collagen powder for more benefits and a great taste. It's an easy, convenient, fast, and cost effective way to ensure your body feels healthy, happy, energized, and ready to take on the day.


Suggested Use: 

1) Instant Smoothie - add 1 Tbsp of this powder to water & blend with ice or use our shaker bottle mix. You may wish to add a sweetener or fruit, and your collagen powder.

2) Meal Replacement - add 3-4 Tbsp to water & ice or smoothie.





Gluten Free






Superfood Smoothie Mix (Organic) - 3 Flavors

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