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Boost Health with 19 Organic Superfoods plus Probiotics and Enzymes!

Get your daily greens with this powerful blend & help your inner ecosystem thrive. NO added sugars or flavors.


  • 19 green superfoods in each serving.
  • Includes a probiotic and enzyme complex to help keep your gut happy.
  • An alkalizing blend.
  • A one-stop-shop for energy support.


*Improve digestion, reduce inflammation, strengthen immune system, increase energy and the ability to fight stress, detox and promote weight loss.



Mix greens powder with: Water, juice, milk, smoothies (add sweetener of your choice). Add to a veggie or bean dip, or into applesauce. 

Sprinkle over a salad or mix with dressing.



Spirulina Powder* (Arthrospira platensis), Chlorella  Powder* (broken cell wall Chlorella vulgaris), Whole Leaf Wheat Grass*, Nettle Leaf Powder*, Burdock Root*, Alfalfa Leaf*, Whole Leaf Barley Grass*, Barley Grass Juice Powder*,  Broccoli Powder*, Nopal Cactus Powder*, Dandelion Leaf*, Kale Powder*, Oat Grass Juice Powder*, Parsley Leaf Powder*, Horsetail*, Spinach Powder*, Probiotic complex (Lactobacillus  Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Lactis), Enzyme Complex (Papain [from papaya], Bromelain [from pineapple], Vegetarian Pepsin), Kelp Powder*, Dulse Powder*, Ginger Root*







Customer Reviews

Lidia Perez

I love how the flavor is not overpowering and how the formula mixes extremely well into water, smoothies, or any recipe! It helps so much with bloating and energy. I am very excited to continue using it!


Camilla Mandler

Supergreens are a key element of my daily protein drink. I have not found another product containing such an excellent combination of ingredients. I had been experiencing quite a bit of intestinal irregularity and unrest but since using Supergreens daily, this has completely resolved.


Nikki Moore

This has good flavor and great nutrition if you like greens and don’t get enough in your diet. I like to add it with Açaí powder, berries and coconut milk in my smoothies!


Jane C

I mix it in organic applesauce with cinnamon and honey. Nice taste!



I was pretty surprised by how well I could mix this into different smoothies or with flavored water. There is a definite taste but it is not over powering.

Organic SuperGREENS + Enzymes & Probiotics Pwdr (no added flavors or sugars)

$32.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • Mix 1- 2 teaspoons of Supergreens into your smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices or with water. You can also sprinkle it over your meals. 

  • No flavors or sugars added. Taste like green vegetables made into a powder. 

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