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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines


Get excited! Life Ionizers and I have teamed up to offer this exclusive opportunity to own your very own alkaline water ionizer! That means that you get unbeatable prices and freebies unavailable anywhere else! Together, we guarantee the freshest, healthiest alkaline water right in your kitchen.

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Super-hydrating with amazing antioxidizing benefits. It can hydrate your system 5 times more efficiently than regular water, in addition, it has great immunity-boosting benefits, de-acidifies and reduces inflammation, while also detoxing the body. 

Alkaline water is medicinal, curative and able to bring about optimal health based on the belief that acidic properties in the body and blood are the cause of ill health and disease, which need to be neutralized. Therefore, a more alkaline body will lead to a longer healthier life.


Alkaline water, is water with a pH of 8 or higher, and has a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value.

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What is ORP?

First understand "oxidation" in the body, damages cell membranes, cellular proteins, lipids and DNA, promoting aging and degeneration, this oxidation is caused by positively charged particles called free radicals. These radicals are energetically unstable particles that grab electrons from wherever they can to neutralize their unstable charge. In your body, they grab those electrons from DNA and tissues - Not good!

You can decrease and neutralize free radicals by drinking antioxidant alkaline water with negative ORP values.

Negatively charged water contains an excess of electrons which it readily gives to unstable radicals. This process stabilizes the free radicals.

The lower the ORP reading is - the more antioxidizing the water is - associating with anti-aging and cellular health. Positive ORP values, on the other hand, have the opposite effect - they promote oxidation & aging. 

Plus, negative ORP water doesn’t contain dangerous contaminants, like Lead and Mercury, which both affect the brain and nerves.

This water can also neutralize excess acids in the body, reduce inflammation and help regulate the body to keep it healthy.

Be aware, each source of water has its own set of ORP values. If you’re concerned about the health of your body, then pay attention to ORP and pH of the water (and beverages) you drink.

An acidic body can cause negative health effects, like premature aging, bone and muscle deterioration, it also increases your risk for cancer, liver problems, and heart disease.


How Alkaline Ionizers Work


Water ionizers work by by using electromagnetism to change ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water with acid-fighting alkalinity and antioxidant potential. Plain water is a mix of alkaline minerals and carbonate – dissolved CO2. A water ionizer separates the carbonate from tap water from the alkaline minerals. The alkaline minerals, and the acidic carbonate are discharged in a separate streams of water. By separating the alkaline elements in tap water from the acidic elements, a water ionizer enables you to get the benefit of the natural acid-fighting alkalinity from the alkaline minerals in your water like calcium and magnesium. These alkaline minerals, once freed of the carbonate, gain antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity.

ORP & pH Benefits at a Glance


There are over 40 studies that document a wide range of health benefits that can come from drinking alkaline water. Combining high pH, negative ORP and molecular hydrogen makes some of the most powerfully potent water available today. Let’s go over a quick list of the most popular benefits of alkaline ionized water:


  • Reduce Blood Pressure

  • Control Blood Sugar

  • Lower Blood Cholesterol

  • Protect the Brain

  • Promote Liver & Kidney Health

  • Help You Lose Weight

  • Preserve Bone Health


Debra Messing, Actress

“I got my Life Ionizer when I heard about the amazing benefits of alkaline water. I have the energy I need to keep up with my busy schedule, and I feel great!”


Mya, Recording Artist

“I take my health seriously, I eat the healthiest foods, work hard every day in the gym, and now I drink the healthiest water."


Barry Zito, MLB Pitcher

"Life Ionizers water filters/alkalizers enable me to stay on top of my game throughout both my arduous season and off-season cycles..."


Anthony Anderson, Actor

"The first time I tasted Alkaline water I knew I needed a machine of my own. I found and purchased a Life Ionizer!”

In our modern world, water is on everyone’s mind. 

Please contact Sheri for the best deal. (919)274-9397


The Process of Electrodialysis

Inside a water ionizer, water runs across charged plates which are separated by a special membrane – called an Ion-Permeable Membrane. That membrane allows energetically charged atoms and molecules – called ions – to pass through. It doesn’t allow energetically neutral atoms and molecules to pass through. Water molecules are energetically neutral, so they don’t pass through the membrane. The alkaline mineral ions in water, and the carbonate ions in water both have energetic charges, so they’re allowed to pass through. This separates the alkaline minerals from the acidic carbonate.

The alkaline minerals in water have a positive energetic charge – that makes them positively charged ions.

Likewise, the acidic carbonate in water have a negative electrical charge, which makes them negatively charged ions.

The electromagnetically charged plates in a water ionizer separate those ions. The positively charged alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative plates. The acidic carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plates. The ion-permeable membrane allows both the positively charged alkaline mineral ions, and the negatively charged carbonate ions to pass through it, which then separates these ions into two chambers.

Water ionizers make two streams of water

Once separated, the ions in both chambers react with the water that’s inside each chamber to make alkaline and acidic waters. Each type of water is discharged a separate stream coming out of the water ionizer. The alkaline minerals are discharged in the alkaline stream as alkaline mineral water. The acidic carbonate is discharged in the acidic water stream as a solution of carbonic acid. When you dissolve CO2 into water, it makes carbonic acid.

Why Alkaline water has Age-Fighting Antioxidant Potential

Once freed of the acidic carbonate, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are highly unstable. They immediately react with water molecules by grabbing a hydroxyl ion from them to form alkaline mineral hydrates. The alkaline minerals’ positive energetic charge is able to take a hydroxyl ion from a water molecule because it overcomes the energetic force holding the water molecule together. When this happens, the alkaline mineral ion gains the hydroxyl ion, and an atom of hydrogen is released. It is because of this reaction that alkaline water from a water ionizer is rich in hydrogen.

Thanks to the negative energetic charge of the hydroxyl ion, the alkaline water in a water ionizer gains a negative energetic charge, which is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The negative ORP of alkaline water from a water ionizer gives it the ability to reduce oxidative substances, such as free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Oxidative substances in the body are believed to be a major factor in disease and aging. It is the Oxidation Reduction Potential of alkaline water that gives it the potential to work as an antioxidant.

Why Alkaline Water is Different from Tap Water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is different from tap water because the mineral hydrates in alkaline water give it healthy qualities that you don’t get from tap water:

  • Acid fighting alkalinity – Alkaline water can neutralize acids

  • Antioxidant potential – Alkaline water reduces harmful oxidation

  • Better taste – Alkaline water is slightly sweeter and a lot more refreshing!

Tap water doesn’t have any of those healthy qualities because those healthy benefits are locked up by the acidic carbonate in tap water. The acidic carbonate simply balances out the alkaline minerals, making tap water energetically neutral. Perhaps that’s the reason why tap water tastes ‘dead’ compared to alkaline water!

Why LIFE Water Ionizers Make Better Alkaline Water

Purity: LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader in water ionizers filtration because every LIFE Ionizer comes with custom filtration that targets the specific toxins found in your local water supply. How do we know which toxins are in your water? Your local water authority reports any toxins they find in your water to the EPA annually. LIFE Ionizers uses that report to find out what toxins are in your water. We then customize your filtration system to give you the best possible protection from those toxins. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that does this for you. If you want this level of protection from any other brand of water ionizer, you’re on your own.

Power: It takes a lot of power to separate the alkaline minerals in water from the acidic carbonate. Simply put, the more power you have, the more electromagnetic force you can create. Top-of-the-line LIFE Ionizers can adjust up to 800 watts of power – making LIFE Ionizers the most powerful water ionizers in the world.

Platinum: LIFE Ionizer plates have our exclusive MAX Coat™ – 8 coats of platinum for outstanding performance and durability – twice as many layers as competing ionizers! This is why a LIFE Ionizer has more power than competing ionizers. The stronger the plates the more power a water ionizer can have. The plates in a LIFE Ionizer are so durable, they’re guaranteed for life.

You can put a LIFE Ionizer in your home for less than you may be paying for bottled water per month right now. Call Sheri today at 919-274-9397 and start saving over the cost of bottled water today!
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