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Is Consumable Collagen Powder a 21st Century Anti-aging Miracle?

You may have noticed collagen powder lining the grocery shelves and all over the Internet lately and find yourself thinking is this just another trend? What exactly is collagen powder, and should I be taking it?

According to Sheri, “Yes indeed, it’s a Miracle powder, the most beneficial thing anyone over thirty can consume.”

Gildshire would like to introduce Sheri Steffens, founder and CEO of Healthy Life Creations, purveyor of collagen powder, nature’s great restorer and healer.

Sheri, certified in nutrition and wellness, has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 17 years. She tracked down collagen after injuring and repetitively tearing her own shoulders. By consuming collagen daily, the powder helped her recover without surgery and has prevented further injuries.

This wonderful source of rejuvenation inspired Sheri to start Healthy Life Creations back in 2015. She has searched the globe to find the highest quality sources for her collagen powder products and is fired up about how they can help others. Here are a few testimonials from users of Healthy Life Creations collagen powders:

  • Andrea said: “I have mild migratory RA (rheumatoid arthritis), which means it moves around from joint to joint in my body. Since using HLC’s Collagen I haven’t experienced any episodes of joint pain. I would like to attribute my lack of pain to the use of Collagen. So far, so good! I’m happy!”

  • Mary commented: ”A friend asked what was different about me, said I looked “FRESH”. Hmmm, must be the Collagen ;o) Also I feel like my hip issue is healing and making running less painful. Thanks!”

  • Barbara’s comment: ”I was scared to spend the money on collagen, that it would be a waste. I thought it would taste horrible and end up in my garbage can like so many other products. Much to my surprise – I am loving the results and mix it with my coffee every day. I feel my joints have improved and my knee pain has gone away. I look forward to continuing this new regiment in my life."

  • Max, World Medalist in cycling said: ”Thank you for such a great product! The Bovine Collagen Powder has significantly accelerated my recovery between workouts. It has lessened my joint aches and I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory’s. Moreover, I’m reaping the benefits of a high quality protein and an all-natural product.”

Consuming collagen does much more than just repair joints, it’s the most abundant protein in your body. Found in your skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, connective tissue and more – it’s the glue that holds your body together, providing strength, structure and elasticity. Unfortunately, as we age our collagen production slows down, diminishing elasticity and moisture, causing wrinkles, fatigued sagging skin, weakening of the bones, joints and other age related ailments.

By adding collagen to your diet, you can slow down this depletion and naturally fight against the breaking down and aging of your body. Research and testimonials have shown collagen to improve fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin appearance, thicken and enhance hair growth, strengthen nails, aid in workout recovery and injuries, support cognitive brain function, improve digestion, boost metabolism, and even more. Pure collagen peptides contain much larger amounts of the amino acids glycine and proline, promoting healthy tissue growth and reducing inflammation. A recommended dose of 10 grams (2 tablespoons) a day in the diet is optimum.

So now you may understand why Sheri calls it a miracle powder!

Healthy Life Creations collagen powders are sourced from wild caught fish (Marine) and grass-fed, pasture raised Brazilian cattle (Bovine), have a neutral taste and odor, are cold water soluble and not heat sensitive, non-gelling, fast dissolution, highly absorbable by the human digestive tract, high protein composition without cholesterol, sugars, additives and preservatives. Also gluten free and non-GMO, making this miracle powder an easy add to your favorite beverage such as coffee, juice, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or soups.

What is the difference between HLC’s Marine and Bovine collagen peptides?

The body has many types of collagen, however 90% is Type I collagen, and the skin’s dermis layer is made up of 80% Type I collagen. Marine collagen has the smallest Type I molecule and is considered the premium of all collagen powders. Thus, quickest for anti-aging, improving skin, hair and nails.

Bovine collagen is Type I and III, which differs by healing and attaching reticulated fibers, making it more repairing for injuries, arteries and the gut. This powder also makes for an exceptional workout recovery and protein supplement. Twice the dose as Marine is recommended for consuming Bovine powder.

Most importantly know the quality and source of your collagen supplements.

So, we started by asking if Collagen powder was a 21st century anti-aging miracle. Is this what Ponce De Leon sought after when he discovered the fountain of youth? Well, these collagen powders don’t come in a fountain… but they sure make a great case to providing a healthier, younger feeling you.

We don’t put Gildshire’s stamp of approval on everything that hits our desk, but we like the idea of fooling our birthday candles for as long as we can with these products.

Give Healthy Life Creations a try!

*There is an assortment of testimonials, healthy articles and products on HLC’s website and Facebook page.

Article from Gildshire Magazine, written by GABRIELA GOLUMBOVICI -

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